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Kj Studios Innovative product offering of nameplates, signage and accessories enhance the work station function, employee identification and building way-finding. Cost effective, sustainable solutions that deliver exceptional value.

Rely on Kj Studios Professional Design Team to Select, Specify and Quote assisting you in moving your project smoothly from concept to installation; on time and on budget, guaranteed. 

Beginning with your call, our experts will respond quickly, reviewing floor plans, take-off quantities, make product recommendations and can even help create graphic inserts incorporating client brand identity. Big or small, we do it all, assisting furniture dealers and client facility managers and end user stakeholders.


Kj Studios versatile frame chassis and modular frame sizes provide a comprehensive offering including work station nameplates, wall signage and Code Compliant Building signs. 

Working with a large offering of brackets and mounting options, Kj Signage and Accessories integrate seamlessly with any systems or freestanding furniture as well as glass or drywall walls and can be used interchangeably.


Things change and so do Kj signs

Kj Studios compression fit, multi layered system allows Nameplates and Signage to be updated as frequently as your employee moves.

Reconfiguring or repurposing space, no problem!  Just print a new graphic and easily switch them out.  Clear poly layer allows for the work station address to remain while the occupants relocate.


Our signage utilizes graphic inserts which are easily customized. 

Using common desktop software such as Microsoft Word, we provide graphic templates that make allow users to incorporate branding and managing change easy. 

Kj Studios can design the insert templates incorporating your brand identity or use your art—whichever you prefer!

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Why our customers choose us

“Our clients appreciate the simplicity of the design and the cost is much less than the other signage solutions considered”
Dealer Sales Executive

“Kj Studios is an excellent vendor partner providing exceptional service and project management”
End User Decision Maker, Real Estate Team

“Kj Studios had the depth and breadth of signage products that we needed for all aspects of our renovation project, with innovative mounting solutions for displaying cubicle nameplates and end of cluster way-finding. In addition, the pricing structure was favorable to win our business. The Kj project manager was able to draw out the information needed to execute a successful installation.”
Project Manager for End User Corporate Client

“The clean aesthetic of the frame and hardware system integrates seamlessly into our client’s systems furniture, providing an elegant fit and finish for the work station nameplates”
Architectural Interior Designer

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